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Frequently Asked Questions

Automated Fare Collection System

Ezykard is a smart card powered by our Intellectual Technology system which allows users to pay cashless at any public transportations, merchandise and even on online payments accredited by Ezykard. These cards can be reloaded at any Ezykard Kiosk. Ezykard can also be customized for merchants who want to have their own branding of cards. Ezykards are usually used for public transportation collections, employee attendance and payrolls.

Customers can now avail any Ezykard at the nearest kiosk in your area. We offer preloaded cards which can be reloaded again and activated at any accredited kiosk. Customers must enter their personal details before availing an Ezykard, this procedure is done while the cashier registers your card. Customers may also register for an Ezywallet to use card balance even without your card.

Ezykard provides Vehicle Operators customized smart cards, RFID contactless devices and monitoring systems powered by our IT systems and partnered banks. This allows Operators to have more control over their employees, vehicles and fares. Moreover, Ezykard’s the only provider that has kilometer based system for operators who wanted to have a better option on their fares.

Fleet Management

Ezykard offers a system that manages vehicles from acquisition to disposal anytime, anywhere. Interruptions between technicians, operators and drivers may cost too much time and unexpected profit loss, and that is where fleet management works. Managing a pool of commercial vehicles can be challenging but with the right management system, operators can save their time and money at the same time.

Ezykard Fleet Management System allows operators to have full control over their vehicles and drivers by allowing them to monitor routes, vehicle batteries, gas consumption and basic history of all activities of each vehicle in real time. Vehicle maintenance, repair and can also be easily noticed which can save cost and time. The system also provides fast reports and summaries of data to operators.

Back-End System

A monitoring platform for an innovative web-based management system by Ezykard. The system gives accessibility and personalisation of multiple KPIs and Data Sensors to gather realtime data for all sizes without making you leave the office. This is where all the transactions and activities of merchants, operators, carriers and customers takes place. Only Ezykard and operators under it can access these systems safely and securely.

Ezykard ensures that all data is stored properly online and offline on a real time basis. When an unexpected shutdown occurs, Ezykard ensures that all transactions are still recorded and is backed up to secure all data.

EzyMobile App

EzyMobile App is a mobile application designed for Ezykard users. The app allows users to cash in, transfer money and bind their Ezykards to pay even without their physical cards. The maximum amount possible for cash-in is 50,000 php and maximum transfers is only 10,000 php.

The application allows users to pay contactless through QR code scanning and also transfer and cash-in money through other mobile app users. There is no minimum amount needed to keep your account active.

Ezykard users can easily register on EzyMobile App through binding the cards into their account and receive a free 50 pesos load after complete registration. Users must scan the QR code located at the back part of the card to start the registration. Ezykard ensures that all personal information needed in the app is stored securely.

Payment Gateway

Ezykard’s payment gateway system makes it easier for sellers to accept any major payment method whether you are selling locally or internationally. A system designed for a fast yet secured payment processing that enables sellers to accept a wide array of payment methods whether it be online, mobile or from point-of-sale.

Ezykard’s payment gateway can be tailored and customized to provide the needs of every merchant. Ensuring that all real-time payments processed are secured with leading standards of encrypted systems. Accepts thousands of payments at the same time with the advantage of multiple currency conversion and multi-level user access. Reports and charting tools allow merchants to monitor every transaction fast and easier.